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ve and hopeful future for U.S. policy in the region," a senior U.S. official said Wednesday in a media conference call on Obama's forthcoming speech. Saying the country faces "a h

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dows Phone making their debut, the worldwide mobile market is currently valued at 850 billion dollars, according to technology research firm IDC. The majority of those sales are a

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abilize his government. The United States expelled Bolivian Ambassador Gustavo Guzman as a countermeasure. In November 2008, Bolivia expelled the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administrati

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ber, recently was voted as the top news story of 2010 in the Associated Press' annual poll of U.S. editors and reporters. The accident started with an explosion and fire on the De

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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ealth, education, military and police sectors, and a 20 percent increase in the national minimum wage. Rojas said that starting this year, the monthly minimum wage will be 815.4 bo

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rights by the institution. Hours later, a letter charging her with involvement in the assassination plot was delivered to her home. Machado must appear before National Prosecutor K

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pital, in which complex medical procedures can be performed. Six helicopters including a UH-14 Super Puma and a UH-12 Squirrel which belong to the Brazilian Navy a

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Thursday night. Families of the trapped miners stayed up the whole night around camp fires, singing and dancing, and praying for the safe return of their beloved ones. Related: Chil

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lear security, to endorse and contribute to U.S. President Barack Obama's 4-year effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material worldwide, and to ensure the Summit supports broa

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uila's Police, the shooting occurred about 1:30 a.m. local time, in the real estate of "Italia Inn" in San Luis municipality. Full story Two killed, 10 injured in Chicago holiday

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Quebecois 49, and the NDP 37 seats. In the electoral campaign, Harper had warned that the opposition parties might form a coalition to force him out of office. He often warned of

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